Paul Abramson (vocals), Marc Bobro (bass), Bryan Kovarick (drums), and Ian Putnam (guitar)

Paul Abramson
(lead singer and lyricist)
UCLA psychology professor. The evening before c4k’s sixth anniversary – it was about 11pm – a time when the streets are quiet. Two cowboys knocked on the rehearsal door. In frock coats, pale and fat, and wearing Stetsons glued to their heads, the cowboys engaged in brief formalities at the door, and then again at greater length in the rehearsal space.

Marc Bobro
(bass and tuba)
Santa Barbara City College philosophy professor. Each band member slowly put on new gloves that stretched tightly over their fingers. The band behaved as if they were expecting visitors.

Bryan Kovarick
Autodidact. C4k had not been notified they would be coming, but the band sat in chairs near the door, dressed in black.  

Ian Putnam
(lead guitar, trumpet, piano, background vocals, and drums)
Music teacher at a private school. C4k immediately stood up in unison and looked at the cowboys asking, “You’ve come for us then, have you?” The cowboys nodded, pointing simultaneously at each other.

Paul du Gre
Paul & Mike’s Recording, Burbank, California. C4k then said, “We were expecting our producer.”


The Pundits of Punk (LA Weekly)

Great songs. (Greg Graffin, Bad Religion)

A complex and gripping array of songs. (The Independent)

Crying 4 Kafka tunes come out punching. (Robin Finck, Nine Inch Nails)

Abramson is a national treasure.
(Drex Heikus, Editor-in-Chief, LA Weekly)