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Crying 4 Kafka Documentary

This documentary, I Was Gonna Have Her Blow You Guys: Crying 4 Kafka in Pictures, has won awards from the following film festivals: Birmingham Film Festival (Official Nominee, Music Video, 2022), Cine Paris Film Festival (Official Selection, 2022), Cult Critic Movie Awards (Music Video, 2022), Europe Music Awards (Official Selection, 2022), Filmesque CineFest, NYC (Official Selection, 2022), Jean-Luc Godard Awards (Honorary Awardee, 2022), LA Music Video Award (Official Selection, Spoken Word, 2022), Luis Bunuel Memorial Awards (Music Video, 2022), Open Vision (Official Selection Participant, 2022), Royal Society of Television & Motion Picture Award  (Music Video, 2022), Sound and Vision: International Film & Technology Festival (Award Winner, 2022), and The 4th Pigeon D’or Awards (Honorary Awardee, 2022).