Erika Blair’s captivating new book about Crying 4 Kafka (The Sanctity of Rhyme: The Metaphysics of Crying 4 Kafka in Prose and Verse) is now available on Amazon. The poet Dante Algerho described this book as “somewhere in between Rimbaud’s “Season of Hell” and a postcard from Dr. Bronner, mixed and mastered by Jack Spicer after two hits of mescaline. A fantastic book.”

Sanctity cover

The Saint of Fucked Up Karma is a musical written by Paul Abramson (Crying 4 Kafka) and Robin Finck (Nine Inch Nails).  Crying 4 Kafka performed the music in every production of this reinvented Greek tragedy. The play itself is available on Amazon. Abramson was described by Drex Heikus, Editor in Chief at LA Weekly, as a “national treasure”. Individual songs from “The Saint of Fucked Up Karma” are included on Crying 4 Kafka’s Soundcloud site.

T-shirts and C4K patches are only available at Crying 4 Kafka gigs.

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